Day 13 (1.4.2020) - The Fires in Australia

Scott Morrison appears to be a sociopath. Visiting places where towns once existed, forcing a young woman to shake his hand, advertising the use of military intervention and increased funding, insisting that the volunteers simply like what they're doing (so they don't really want or need financial recompense), going on vacation just as the fires ump to the next level of "holy fuck". This level of tone deaf, this lack of awareness, this purity of politician: We can only sit back in awe. Is he mentally ill? Is his potato-shaped head actually filled with potato? Once the fires are over (several months from now, hopefully) the media swirling around Morrison will be among the all-time best, the wittiest, most hilariously hate-filled entertainment of the 2020s. 

Praise the gods of entertainment  

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