Day 1 - Start from the Beginning

If you're doing some arbitrary challenge, like 100 days of writing, it's pointless to half-ass it and submit garbage just to tick off a box; to maintain a streak. The point of these "streak challenges" is to figure out how to integrate a constructive habit into your daily life. Otherwise, you're just cultivating a weird little addiction. You have to make the time to do the thing properly, even if that means a paltry 5 minutes. It might be helpful to set a minimum (e.g., 125 words of writing) for each day. If you can do that for 100 days, increase the minimum to 250 and do that for 100. Next thing you know, you'll be writing a high-quality novel every day for the rest of your life. And be honest. If you miss a day in your streak, you start over. That's life. 

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