Day 2 - Privacy and Security

Online privacy and security are important. Security is a must and privacy is a basic right. So what do we really lose and gain when Google sells out data to advertisers? What do we we mean when we say “our data”? First off, there are the annoyances. Visible ads popping up all over the place. Ads in our gmail inbox. The annoying cunt of a fact that we can’t use Google’s superior services without giving advertisers access to our data. But it’s worth asking, why should we care? Why are we so protective about our data? Who the fuck is scanning our data when we use Google? What harm does it cause? The fact is that Google has nailed security and, with the Chromebook, is offering a long overdue affordable alternative to Windows and Mac. For decades, those assholes have forcefed people products, bundles, and everything else. Some superb products, no doubt, and not all scams, but the combo of affordable/secure/minimal came with the Chromebook. You just need to tweak it a bit for privacy. Standard notes is one of the finest starting points. With Chromebooks, bit of a game-changer. That said...  

Google is a ubiquitous cyber villain that the great sci-fi has warned us about. It's The Matrix disguised as a theme park and we're being groomed for the overlords. Inevitable. 

Praise the gods of entertainment

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