Day 5 - What Makes a “Good” Movie?


A movie is good (that is, it works) if all of its elements work together to present an artistic vision. These elements include cinematography, dialogue, plot, narrative structure, the arrangement of scenery (mise en scene). When these elements are integrated together, this achieves an artistic balance. Like the ingredients of a good scotch.

Cliche has to be avoided. Cliche is just lazy copying, so there is no artistic vision if there is cliche. Marvel Movies. Endgame. Going back in time to change the course of history is a cliche. And the marvel franchise has used it multiple times. Antman. Endgame. X-Men. Probably more. It’s retarded feel-good garbage that shouldn’t even be a passing thought in creative minds. However, this is consistent with the goal of these movies: provide comforting entertainment and catharsis through spectacle. Nothing wrong with eating candy now and then, but we have to learn how to appreciate sushi.

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