Day 8 - Anonymous writing on Listed

The Listed blog feature on Standard Notes offers just the right degree of anonymity. Even if nobody is going to read your Wordpress blog, it still has this feeling of reaching out to the world. Sometimes, you just want to rant and ramble into empty space. And this is important because it allows you to practice in the medium, as opposed to writing and editing elsewhere and uploading a final product. That’s something to get to eventually, but it’s very effective to start with a blog platform intended to foster open, stream-of-conscious expression. It’s a general feeling that freshens the experience of living in this global ecosystem of online expression where searches and algorithms dominate human connectivity. Forget about how many people (maybe 0) who would read your Wordpress blog. The mere knowledge that you’re connected to a publishing ecosystem and the Google universe is an immediate compromise. With Listed, you get this rare chance to just create, on-the-spot, without judgment or reward. This is healthy. Praise the gods of entertainment and blesses for Listed and Standard Notes.

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