Day 9 - The Privacy Tradeoff

Google is a beast. It’s services are everywhere, like germs and anxiety. Google gives a lot, but in exchange for data privacy. To say that the tradeoff is unfortunate suggests that it’s inevitable. At times, this appears to be the case. Nobody else is offering anything near Google’s combination of free/cheap, fast, synced/streamlined, aesthetics. There are superb alternative products in every realm, but many people want the synced/streamlined package; and for good reasons. Integration across apps and platforms is what all this Internet chaos is all about. That, and security. Privacy is a trickier creature. It’s a basic right and there’s no need to go beyond that point. Google doesn’t necessarily violate that right, but they are unclear and sometimes dishonest about who and what they are. They are getting into the censorship business, which is alarming. And the company is extremely effective at making the alternatives to Google feel inferior. The power to update and respond to new trends is unparalleled. Google is simply the king. For now. Perhaps something else is next. One possibility: No more kings. Perhaps different companies work together to provide consumers with a paid-for package or suite that gives consumers the privacy, security, and quality they’re looking for. How about a dream team: ProtonMail, Standard Notes, Bitwarden, Nord VPN, and Firefox (the weak link here because compared to Chrome, Firefox is tacky and fucking atrocious). An added bonus: Chromebooks allow you to choose DuckDuckGo as your browser. Now we’re talking. To conclude, privacy is becoming a much more appealing option in the face of the beast called Google. We just have to hunt and smaller companies need to play together. The first major player (Apple or Microsoft or Google) that supports these new little teams will benefit greatly and leave a stronger legacy.

Praise the gods of entertainment. Praise them hard.

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