Day 11 - Donald Cerrone Versus Conor McGregor

The hype building around this contest tells us that this will be a match for the ages. But is such a thing possible with these two glorious animals? Matches for the ages usually last a while, often going the distance. Conor hits like the Deathstar and Cerrone throws combos like Ken from Street Fighter.

And does humble Conor hit like cocky Conor? Doesn’t really matter. What matters is whether humble Conor paces himself. If so, a third round KO from Conor is likely. Cerrone is not one to hold back and wait for the opponent to tire. He is a true fighter and a lesson for everyone: Don’t be afraid to lose. Conor gives the same lesson. Go hard, go forward, with each and every goal. It’s a rare treat, two people like this having a battle.

Let’s not forget the glorious Holy Holm, one of the smoothest and cleanest strikers in UFC history, the first to beat the warrior Ronda Rousey, sending that beautiful thug to another dimension.

Prediction 1: Conor obliterates Cerrone with a three-punch combo in the third.

Prediction 2: Holm wins a strong decision because she played it safe for the critical win. She decapitates her next opponent.

Prediction 3: The glorious and perfect nation of Australia gets at least two shout-outs and some money.

Prediction 4: Conor versus Masvidal

Praise the sweet sweet gods of entertainment

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