Day 12 - The Hound

One of the finer characters in recent television. At the forefront of his greatness is the fact that he looks and sees. He sees past the stories, songs, shiny armor, status, rules, titles. He’s surrounded and repelled by other people’s stupidity and the fragility of their egos. He’s also exhausted by the fact that culture and society, in their entireties, are founded mostly upon bullshit. In the show, this makes him one of the most compelling characters. There’s also the added entertainment of imagining what he would have become if not for his brother shoving his face into a fire. Perhaps the Hound imagines something better, something that was robbed. Or perhaps he just simply hated his brother and hate everyone and everything (except for Arya) that stood in his way. In any case, every show needs someone who looks and sees. Sight without ego. Rare and wonderful.

Praise the gods of entertainment

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