Day 13 - Mobility Training

Many people jump straight into "getting jacked" with little to no regard for mobility training. It's not just that mobility training is tedious compared to the adrenaline rush of pushing heavy weight. Mobility training is about internal health which is not immediately visible. It's about safety and slow change. Mobility training has little to no regard for time. There's no rushing. It's slow, like yoga. In contrast, you have the average gym which is like a nightclub but without the booze and the lights are on. People push to gain muscle(often with terrible form), they chat, they play with their phones, they take up excessive space, they do their hair. They also work very hard, which is commendable, but what is the value of hard work when it's driven by vanity? There's still value, but it's minimized instead of maximized. The risk of injury and unnecessary soreness is ever-present, and the doubling-down on propping up the fragile ego seems to erode the personality. This doesn't happen to everyone. It might only be the minority, but that minority is loud, visible, obnoxious, and self-absorbed. And again, their form and technique are often atrocious. Too much weight, generally. No regard for the "fighter's physique" which is dense, functional, and pliable, as well as explosive and full of endurance. In short, there is too much vain nonsense taking place in gyms. Chatter should be replaced with breathing and the over-muscled or over-dolled-up should be replaced with the people who are overweight or have low confidence. Instead, the people who need gyms the most are intimidated by the very people who spend too much time there. So, this whole ego projection taking place at gyms is tantamount to noise and flesh pollution. A waste of space. There should be gyms branded specifically to this type. Neon lights, fake tits, steroids, spray tans, loud pop music, trainers who chew gum and yell, social areas where people can drink protein drinks together. Give them what they want and need. It's not that they're bad people, but they are very loud and they take up space that should be available to people who are insecure and need a more welcoming atmosphere. Each to their own is fine, but there should be a "their own" for everyone. Praise health and praise the gods of entertainment. 

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