Day 15 - The Coffee in Australia

Nine out of every coffees you buy in Australia will be excellent. A 9/10. Nobody knows why, but a few guesses can be made. Guess 1: Australia and Italy have some sort of trade arrangement that makes top-notch espresso machines affordable. Guess 2: The Australians have more refined taste in coffee. Guess 3: Easier to get high quality beans from nearby tropical wonders. Guess 4: The immigrants are from places that care about food. Canada is getting better, but it's not even close. Maybe 4/10 coffees are excellent and the shops are inconsistent. It's more about providing a space for people to sit with their laptops and work on their cyber image. Long black. That's the fucker you want. Similar to an Americano but more rich, punchier, with a lasting flavor. Praise Australia, an aggressive piece of heaven. 

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