Day 16 - Good questions, Sam

The Waking Up Course, by Sam Harris, is a brilliant and effective method of practicing mindfulness. But it is difficult and frustrating at times. There are times when what he says just causes a glitch in the mind because the words themselves make little sense. What does it mean to "turn attention in on itself"? What does it feel like? In essence, you are supposed to notice yourself, the looker, but this is only supposed to last a second. At times, it feels too easy to notice or feel the self and what happens is that the brain chastises itself for not having been in a state from which to reverse the attention. But, that's the practice. Reaching a point, one might suppose, where everything just makes sense. At the very least, the course helps you practice re-engaging your skills of focus in everyday situations. That alone, is extremely beneficial. It's also not immediately effective, so it commands your effort. It's mature, it holds you accountable. But god fucking damn it can be difficult. 

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