Day 17 - Rewiring

It is possible that we’re being rewired back to our old wiring. In a recent JRE podcast, Bill Maher and Joe discuss the idea that we (men especially) might not be wired for monogamy. They also discuss how marriage is fantastic for some and an absolute fucking nightmare for others. Bill ties this in to the idea that dating apps like Tinder are geared toward the base needs of men, promiscuity specifically. In turn, many women are left disappointed or treated like trophies or notches on the belt. This brings up a playful idea: Our new technologies are rewiring us back into tribal savage fuck-machines addicted to drama and conflict. McLuhan touched on this brilliantly, arguing that tribalism will re-emerge as new technologies bring people (and their belief systems) closer together. Few ideas better capture the current times which, as Joe aptly states, are strange. When a person, as we must, take a step back to look at the complex state of things, with as little bias as possible, the term “strange” is as accurate as it gets. 

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