Day 19 - Fun Predictions

Television commercials or online ads will no longer exist in about 10 years. By 2030, advertising will be seamless and impossible to detect. Product placements will be entirely subliminal, even flying under the radar of the most sophisticated viewer. This is one of the rare areas of economics where the US will surpass China: The US is a seasoned veteran of advertising in a complex and intelligent democracy. China is authoritarian. The government doesn’t really need to trick people into thinking one way or another.

Another prediction. Deep fakes will be integrated into cinema, not replacing live action but supplementing it, when the actor gets tired or something like that. And they will get tired because eating meat will be illegal.

One more. After the bushfires cease, the flora and fauna of eastern Australia are going to come back with a vengeance and the beauty and diversity will be astounding. The region will become the world’s most prosperous tourist destination for a brief time (but remain in the top five for decades). Before this happens, housing and property will become affordable for some time. Then tourism, then rising housing prices, and then the threat of more bush fires will cause the insurance market to skyrocket.

Also, the president of the United States will be a multicolored and multigendered and multisexed disabled gay/straight trans computer simulation that self-modifies based on Google algorithms that evolve according to social trends.

Double praise to the gods of entertainment

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