Day 21 - Cheer

Excellent new show about overcoming a brutal past. The show portrays the complexities of this grueling journey and how its success pivots on finding community. In other words, it's about a vital part of the human condition: People are meant to work together. The show also gives a fair view of how solitude is important because while people are wonderful, they are also fucking annoying a lot of the times and everyone (every sane person) needs space. We also need goals, routine, and purpose beyond ourselves. The show captures this brilliantly, as people get angry at one another but get over themselves enough to move on, no matter how difficult it is for that person to be mature, when their entire life background is urging them to be a cunt and use their rage. In short, Cheer presents core themes that are transferable to every sport and most group-based endeavors. 

Praise the fair and good gods of entertainment    

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