Day 22 - Boredom is a vicious beast

Boredom is usually a deadness that creeps into your heart,too slowly to be noticed. But now and then, on days that were not meant to have joy, boredom is a sudden assault. An example of when this happens. You arrive at work on a Monday morning and a person who sits near you asks "how was your weekend?" and you give the standard response, "oh good, went to a show with my wife, which was quite nice". And then...."You's always nice to stay home and relax on the weekends but you have to get out every now and then. I remember when Kate was 25 and me and Doug were, let me think, pretty much ten years into our mortgage, we went to see...oh it was so good...we saw". The first two syllables in that grey saga is enough to weaken your heart. You know what's coming. You know you're being forced into paying attention to a story that sounds like listening to paint dry. And it gets worse every time because the memories of past stories cling to each other and grow, spreading around your heart and wait ready to squeeze and let out their poisons.

This is part of another atrocious trend. People ask you a question only to illicit an answer that serves as a springboard for their own aggressive ramblings. The lesson here is simple and gut-wrenching. Boredom is most often a creeping death, but every now and then, it's aggressive and corrosive. 

Praise the gods of entertainment. Forget us these daily horrors.  

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