Day 27 - The Office, American version

The Office is 85% comedy gold. The other 15% is poisonous nonsense about marriage and romance. It is possible to portray these complex themes alongside comedy, but The Office, like the vast majority of popular television shows, uses the threat of being single and alone to heighten suspense in characters’ relationships. The Office does this well part of the time, letting superb comedy play out. But with Pam and Jim (and eventually all the others, culminating in a final episode centered on yet another marriage), The Office fails. Did the producers and writers think, at any point, that the audience bought into the possibility that Pam and Jim would break up? When Pam got pregnant and revealed the gender of the baby, did anyone actually believe that maybe Jim would be disappointed? The conflict between those two is a centerpiece to the contrived successes and failures of other characters. With this, the show falls into the same trap as so many others that play upon audience fears that they might stay or become single and eventually die alone. Nonetheless,

Praise the gods of entertainment

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