Day 28 - Minds, the app and website

All of Joe Rogan podcast episodes are good. Many are great. But some are exceptional. True outliers. The most recent of these is the episode with Daryl Davis, an African American who convinced over 200 Klu Klux Klan members to quit the clan and abandon racism altogether. Some of these men, including high ranking members, gave Daryl their robes. He achieved this through open-mindedness, persistence, and basic and undeniable logic. He planted the seed of cognitive dissonance in people's minds and the only way they could free their minds of the virus was to work it out. And the logical end was that racism is based on ignorance. Daryl Davis is a superb conversationalist, a crystal clear thinker, and he has a fearless curiosity. A group of the fanatical left threatened to burn down a building in which Davis was supposed to speak, but that's another matter. The matter here is a new social media platform mentioned by Davis: Minds. Or It's also an app. It's open source and designed to facilitate open conversation with no algorithm guiding discourse and very few regulations. People only get booted if they threaten someone, and other similar shenanigans. Davis hails Minds as the solution to the aggressively bi-partisan discourse in America. It's possible, but Minds will have to find a way to entice the public. Unless the hunger for open discourse is so strong that people will flock to it. Joe Rogan is there, and that surely helps. It's a very positive development in an absolute shit-storm of human interaction. 

Praise the gods of entertainment. They are sometimes kind.

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