Day 30 - Hecklers are scum

Hecklers want attention and they want to demonstrate their supreme intellect. They want to show everyone else in the room that they can outsmart the witty person who is getting all the attention. 98% of the time, it’s about their wokeness and how comedy is just a base form of entertainment stemming from ignorance.

Hecklers seem to have overlooked the million hours of video footage where hecklers get destroyed. Or have they overlooked this? Perhaps they’ve seen it but their heads are so far up theory own asses that they still think they are smart.

But imagine. Someone sitting in the dark, where nobody else can see them, trying to embarrass someone who has the balls to put themselves on display in front of an entire room, and being the only person under a spotlight. Imagine thinking you’re intellectually and morally superior, not to mention courageous, for trying to derail someone’s performance. It’s very strange to see the ego in such a counter-performance. It’s like they’re primed to disrupt as soon as they enter a room where it’s the norm to be quiet and have a respect for another human being. They can’t stand silence either, because they’re used to filling every dark hole with an image of themselves.

But, the gods of entertainment smile down on standup comedians. The gods grant them the murderous power of wit at just the right moments. And they’ve done this so many times that hecklers are now a gift to comedians. And hecklers never go away. Their egos are so mutilated that they never ever seem to understand what comedy is, how it works, and how they come off as vile hideous creatures.

Praise the god of entertainment. Now and then, they offer sacrifices back to the entertainers.

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