Day 31 - Cult of nonsense

Diversity, inclusion and equity. Three pillars of the cult of nonsense. Diversity and inclusion are fine, as long as they’re the product of equality of opportunity. And there’s nothing wrong with encouraging all people to participate in different areas of society and showing them that they are welcome. But this idea of equity and equality of outcome is an absurd utopian vision that fails to account for differences in taste, goals, opinion, physical and mental abilities, and all these areas of difference that we should embrace and respect. Equity is not the path to making the world a better place through diversity and inclusion. Equity is a nonsense goal that is impossible and immoral to institute. It involves telling people that their worth is measured by their skin color and sexuality. Apparently, this isn’t racist or homophobic as long as white heterosexuals are excluded. But it only gets worse, as the cult tries to gain power, women, gays, people of color, and almost every other group they once claimed to be marginalized are being out on the chopping block for their less-than-100% compliance to the ideology. Continually backing themselves into a corner, with cognitive dissonance eroding their brain, the woke army can only get smaller and more insane. In the end, we will all discover that maybe people are not all bad and maybe it’s ok for different people to have different interests. This is being slowed down by educational and corporate institutions who are still trying to catch up to the impossible standards set by the increasingly insane. These cowardly institutions are down the inevitable end of this cult of nonsense. Fortunately, the comedians are tearing it all apart as they always do.

Praise the gods of entertainment

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