Day 32 - Strange Psychosis at Play

It is very difficult to learn when you are punished for every mistake and ridiculed when your progress has stalled. There is a strange psychosis at play when people who demand that you change offer you no help to do so. Some go further and become malicious when they see your flaws and weaknesses, calling you names, yelling at you. Even something so innocent as rolling their eyes when you're about to put forth some effort. This can hurt. What's the best thing to do when faced with this nonsense? Double or triple your efforts. Throw your success in their face. Laugh at them. Ignore them. Work harder. Stop whining about mean people and get on with your efforts. Sometimes, there is some truth to people's scorn. Though discouragement is malicious and a sign of that person's own insecurities (perhaps they simply despise that you are trying to engage in something that has nothing to do with them), this can be used as a probe to ask yourself: Am I trying hard enough? How can I leave those petty or hateful parasites with nothing? Bury them with your efforts and how they manifest in your attitude and outlook. Never compromise in this. If your partner acts in such a manner, do the same. Double down on effort. Show them that you're not weak and make them rethink what it means to be a true partner. Focus on you. See their behavior as another form of entertainment, a documentary about what it looks like to be sub-human.

Praise the gods of entertainment.

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