Day 33 - Fear

If you do not examine your fears, those fears can lead you to behave in ways that bring about the very things you are afraid of. This applies to just about everything. Unchecked and unleashed, fear of being alone will ensure that you repel people who are worth having around. Unchecked and unleashed, fear of dogs will only contribute to the likelihood of being bit by one. Literally and figuratively.

Fear is tricky. It comes from somewhere deep, from our past, maybe even our DNA. We have to face them and we have to fill our time so there’s no space for swirling thoughts generated by fear. Fill your time with constructive hobbies and make a habit of biting the bullet and just doing things you’re afraid of. The gods of entertainment don’t help here. They want to keep you distracted. But don’t buckle. Put the phone down and pick up a book. Exercise. Meditate. Ignore discouragement even if it comes from a loved one (e.g., your partner, who might cut your fucking head off if you don’t offer encouragement at every sign of their effort). Stop eating bagels. Look at improvement as a form of practice. And stop being afraid of what people might think about you. That’s just an extension of the cults of nonsense.

Manage your praise for the gods of entertainment

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