Day 35 - The Best People

There are special places in North America where the best people live. These people, almost always from somewhere else, landed where they are because they blamed all their problems on where they live. Too small-minded, too ignorant, not the type of place where an artistic free spirit can flourish. These people know, without a doubt, that their new home is where the best people live, the most open-minded, progressive, and artistic. The rest of their country is ignorant and backwards by comparison. These places also tend to have the most temperate climate, ideal for the comfort-seeking. These places are special because there's a darkness you can almost taste. The people who have flocked there, who have continually doubled down on blaming their surroundings for their lack of success and appreciation. Despite having found one another, their dreams have died. They work terrible jobs and cognitive dissonance is rotting their brain. They have a mental disability preventing them from simply looking and changing the state of their affairs, so they turn back to what they know how to do: double down and double down. Comfort in climate, comfort buried by their own ego. Comfort working in the service industry and only the service industry. A noble profession if done with dedication and focus, but they resent their position and their customers because they've settled for something below them. 

In real life, this fascinating phenomenon is at play in Victoria, British Columbia. In television life, it's at play in Gilmore Girls and the purgatory of Stars Hollow. There are very positive elements of both places, but these elements are held up by a foundation of darkness that is marvelous to behold. If you train yourself to look, entertainment is everywhere 

Praise the sweet gods of entertainment. 

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