Day 36 - Australia, from being burnt alive to drowning

Australia is a very assertive country. For months, it burns to cinders. Steady rain is the only lasting solution. So what does the country get? Torrential downpours (labelled "life-threatening" in some areas) and flash floods. There is at least one video of reverse waterfalls, where the winds are blowing waterfalls upward. Let's pretend there exists the gods of weather. There's one god for fire, another for water, another for wind, and another for earth. The god of fire is an unhinged dickhead. The god of water is much nicer, but has very little control, always trying to do a little too much. The god of wind helps out the god of fire. The god of earth is the toughest motherfucker of all, but is abused constantly. Fortunately, Australian flora and fauna are pure lunacy. They are growing back, adapting. Amongst all the char and death, bright and almost neon-colored plants are blooming out of the sides of trees and blackened dirt. The animals will make a comeback, but it will take more time. Vibrant, assertive, and sometimes murderous. Those are the words to describe the flora and fauna of Australia. It's a truly marvelous country. 

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