Day 39 - News Competing with Twitter

It isn’t, though it’s trying. Twitter is the news but with concentrated sensationalism, opinion, fact, latest events, entertainment, horrorshow, everything, optimized for mobile consumption and hyper-tailored to each users interest, with contributors from every level of the celebrity spectrum, putting us in (somewhat) direct contact with the very people and events we are following. All for free. Traditional televised news: segments won’t commercials, one-way transmission of information that is sometimes relevant. In the competition for attention, traditional news-yelling is dying. Fast. Podcasts on the other hand, represent the opposite of Twitter. Perhaps the two media compliment each other as people crave two different products. Traditional news is somewhere in between, where the unadapted go to die. The gods of entertainment don’t even need to intervene. They don’t even watch and they don’t even care. The death of news is left to evolution. And it’s fun!

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