Day 40 - To work at a butchery

The most beautiful hue of red, the feeling of your muscles as you carry around meat and bone. Using powerful tools to practice precision, hour after hour, with a team of fellow tradesman. Full knowledge that what you offer to the world will be enjoyed by everyone, each and every bite. Learning from mentors, the fellow-obsessed.

And now a 180. Resolving to write for 100 days is a fine thing. But it represents a plateau that needs to be surpassed. To the practice, the cultivation of the craft must be added. Resolve to write and submit a short story. Find an online publication to submit your works. Find an outlet for all your inklings, small and large, minor and marvelous. Always have the next level in sight. Collect your outlets so you always have a destination for all shapes and forms of your written work.

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