Day 41 - It’s Valentines Day

The death of the superego requires a crucial step: Stop shitting on holidays and special occasions. These times are not shoved down our throats by the capitalist and colonialist overlords. They are marketed and monetized and, to some degree, constructed solely for profit, but who the fuck cares. This happens with everything. Construct your own meaning and turn these “capitalist” events into excuses to appreciate one another. The cynicism around holiday hatred is a marvelous thing to behold. Such a quick injection for the ego, to hate something that other people enjoy. The sense of superiority, you can almost taste, like the stench of fermenting garbage. Imagine telling someone who spends months away from home, working to support a family, that the Christmas holiday is capitalist/colonial bullshit meant to sucker people into buying things. Directed at a specific company, there’s a bit of sense to this, but painting all of a holiday with the same brush. This is peak ego and stupidity. Valentines Day is considered the biggest bullshit of all, so what’s the value in participation? Because someone enjoys it. No more is needed. Even on Twitter, people are using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to say hello to strangers and wish them well. This is a lovely demonstration of how we can construct meaning for positive outcomes. And if there is any bullshit associated with a holiday, it’s the bullshit that should be called out, and with some humor, not this doom and gloom nonsense about holidays being for the idiots duped by capitalism.

Happy Valentines Day and all due praise to the gods of entertainment

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