Day 43 - Soft hangovers

Even the softest of hangovers is an affront to consciousness. You feel stupid and as if you're being slow-roasted from the inside out. It turns coffee into headache, destroys the cathartic joy of exercise, and compromises your listening skills. Even water tastes like envelopes when you're hung over. It's peak waste of time. Fun while you're drinking though, but decide on your limit and stick to it. Decide how much of a hangover is worth what amount of alcohol. Wine is a good measure. One bottle is a good limit for an average person. With heaps of water. Otherwise, a subtle feeling of dread will be a blight upon your day. Make sure that wine is damn good, drink it for taste, and be a civilized human being. It is the liquid preferred by the gods of entertainment. Praise their glory. 

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