Day 44 - Apple Music and Spotify

Apple Music is almost useless. There are five buttons on the bottom: Library, For You, Browse, Radio, and Search. Library is nice. You can organize your music based on categories. Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, and so on. You can even edit the categories and their order. A particularly lovely option here is shuffling an entire genre. For You is fine, but unnecessary. It just suggests albums that are similar to whatever you've recently listened to. Browse and Radio are utterly useless, unless you're into the latest pop. Interviews with Justin Bieber and Billie Eilish, mumble rap hip hop, Canada's top 100. Fine, if that is the listener's preference. Similarly, radio leans toward current pop with a few good episodes scattered about. But mostly it's about whatever's trending. And finally, Search is Search. It's fine. Does it's job, excellent if you simply know what you want. Visually, Apple is pleasing and it works extremely well with iPhones (Apple Music has a lot of clever functions on an iPhone, in case tapping an app and using it is just too much work). 

And now Spotify. Home, Search, and Your Library. Library has Playlists, Artists, Albums. And Podcasts. Everything but the Joe Rogan Experience, unfortunately. Liking songs and albums is easy, so is deleting. Visually, great. Navigation, great. Recommendation algorithm, a class of its own. But here's another excellent feature: You select the little "more" ellipses, or whatever they're called, for a song and you're taken to a drop-down menu featuring view artists, share, like all songs, add to playlist, add to queue and (best of all) go to radio. Go to radio takes you to a station (basically a long playlist) filled with songs related to the song you're listening to and its artist. This is one of the finest features of Spotify. 

In short: Apple has superfluous nonsense, while Spotify is tailored to cultivating a library and finding new music to suit your tastes. It makes sense. Spotify is a company that focuses on one product. Apple focuses on a zillion products. And it's all about hardware. 

So go with Spotify. It's better and it works with any device. Apple's walled garden is retarded. 

Praise the gods of entertainment. 

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