Day 45 - Locke & Key PTSD

Locke and Key is a decent little show with good acting, lovely visuals, and a story arch that entices you with the promise of more with each new episode. Overlaying the general quality of the show is a driving theme treated delicately while brought to the forefront: post traumatic stress. How characters cope with loss sets the mood of the show and creates depth in the characters. This creates a strong foundation for the narrative which is already quite decent. There is also a feeling that the show is careful to differentiate itself from Stranger Things. A smart move and a goal that is fully achieved, though comparisons will be made because that’s the limit of critical reviewing these days. Which show is better? Binary thinking. Useless thinking.


Each key allows the holder to escape reality, in one way or another. The keys also allow the users to confront reality by facing their fears in a simulated world before confronting those same fears in real life. However, excessive reliance on escape leads to disaster, reminding the dear viewer that at some point traumas and fears must be faced without the aid of illusion.

It’s a good show. People should watch it.

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