Day 46 - Apps and apps and apps and apps

There are too many choices. To guide our choosing, we need a principle. One option is to seek out the products best-suited to your preferences. Focusing on interface, for example, might lead you to Pocket Casts, Spotify, and Brave. For privacy, Duck Duck Go, Standard Notes, and Firefox. Another common focus is to go with integration on your device. If android, Google apps. If iPhone, Apple. Both are excellent, although Apple is better for privacy while Google is better for cross-app integration and web-based usage across devices. Regardless of the chosen route, an abundance of options is a top-tier first-world problem. Sticking with a set-up for more than a week is an affront to our addictions to technologies. It’s when choosing entertainment media becomes a form of entertainment in itself. Praise the gods of entertainment. They can be complete bastards.

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