Day 47 - An interruption

Gallante was half way through Beethoven’s first symphony when Joseph walked into the study and ruined everything. The second movement was just reaching a crescendo. The tea, now in perfect temperature, would have to wait and become stagnant. Perfection was all that Gallanted but it was so rarely what he got. He kept his eyes closed and clenched his teeth as Joseph began his spiel.

Gallante! Guess who’s visiting this evening?
Gallante did not care. His rage was becoming murderous.
Who, Joseph.
His eyes were still closed.


Who is Mariam?

Joseph, offended, said “you met her at Charice’s dinner last week”

That explains why I can’t remember Mariam. I spent the past week trying to erase that dinner from my memory and I was very close to doing so until you walked in with all this talk about Mariam.

What was so bad about the dinner?

It was dinner with a crowd of people.

Like all of these dinners.


You hate them all?

Every last one. And now I hate you as well and I especially hate Mariam.

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