Day 50 - Family Planning

"Family Planning" is a category of goods found in a particular aisle in the pharmacy. It's a nice, non-offensive label for where you find things for fucking, like lube and condoms and other things never in any way used for planning a family. Generally, these items are actually used to avoid starting a family. So where did this term come from? The same place that invented the "Asian" aisle and the "Ethnic" aisle? These funny little terms have been around for years and there are no signs that they have been challenged or questioned. So, out there somewhere, there is a person or group of people who are so clever and so attuned to general sensitivities that they are able to create terms that offend nobody, including people who have a tendency to voice their concerns over the supposed meaning and implications of such terms. These clever folks deserve some praise for navigating the murky waters of labeling goods and services. 

Also, this post was mistakenly emailed to subscribers. If there are any subscribers out there, pardon the intrusion. More and better works to come. 

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