Day 54 - Blog renaming

When renaming your blog due to potential trademark violations, it’s good to choose something that you don’t have to explain. If you have to explain where the name came from or it’s meaning, you’re either annoyed or you’re boosting your ego. Imagine. “The name is a a combination of the first name of the main character in The Prophet by Paula Coelho and the title of the first song I ever wrote. Because the journey of being a musician...”. No. Die. It should be something simple and something that simply slides into the brain without confusion. Here are some examples. Coffee Readings. Nonsense and Babble. The Daily Babble. The Cassowary. Read Before Bed. Grindcabin. Grindgarage. Zombie With a Purpose. My god the list goes on. The Gods of Entertainment. Something basic, maybe indicative of the content. Google it first. Google it hard.

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