Day 55 - The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is a compelling television show. Most of its appeal comes from waiting for explanations. What’s going on? How does the world end? When will do and so use their powers to their full potential. The problem with the show is that the pay-offs are too delayed. The storyline is good but not so good that can get away with releasing the flood in small drips. Patience is a virtue but so is balanced and well-spaced writing. Perhaps (likely) the show was designed for Netflix binge-watching, because if the audience’s patience was stretched to viewing episodes weekly, the show would lose much of its appeal. Certainly worth watching, nonetheless. The billionaire’s house is a gothic marvel. The aesthetics of a donut shop are pleasing enough to indicate strong creative efforts. The overall dusty and grayish backdrop of the every-city sustains a nice little mood of blasé. But the nature of superhero whodunnit demands a storyline with a certain pace, one that’s more balanced and doesn’t rely so much on making the viewer wonder for multiple episodes. Wonder, pay-off. For every episode. That would be suitable.

Praise the gods of entertainment

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