Day 56 - Umbrella academy just crossed a line

The show goes beyond the “slow reveal”. It runs backwards just when it’s about to reveal something important, something that moves the story forward. It shifts focus from one story to the next, never committing to completion. Well. Episode 6 - The Day that Wasn’t takes this to new heights of annoyance. Near the end of the episode it reaches a point where multiple revelations are about to occur, finally making sense of the conflict that arose during some new and very intriguing storylines. Then, the fucks, it does a literal rewind after a character fucks with the fabric of time. Literally. The show does a visual rewind and we’re brought back to a point where none of the interesting sub-plots matter and the audience is farther than ever from any answers. Now. It’s a mark of a decent show when the build-up creates such angst and childish demand. But moving a story forward only to move it backwards is an affront to the gods of entertainment. Therefore, we can expect misfortune to befall this nice little show.

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