Day 59 - Radio. Why.

It seems that standard radio should be obsolete. “UH98.7 the home of lit radio”. Such phrases don’t seem to have a place. Yet they persist. And it’s not like radio is the best place to discover new music. Streaming services and social media have seen to that. So what are the appeals?

Random. You don’t know what’s coming next and you probably don’t care. It’s a noise filler. Horror vacui. Lady Gaga pops on, followed by an noisy ad, and you don’t have to face loneliness for another minute.

Some radio stations are good at curating trendy pop. A lot of young people like this, even though trendy pop is robotic noise meant to prolong immaturity. It only reminds listeners of images of the “artist”. It’s all garbage.

Some radio stations or shows are genuinely superb at offering and recommending good music with the addition of passionate and interested commentary. Elton John has a radio show on Apple Music. George Strombolopolous is an outstanding dj for the CBC. Good radio is like podcasts. People crave the craft of the spoken word, the craft of expressing interest and passion.

Praise the gods of entertainment for dispersing this gift. Maybe you have it as well. Look into it.

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