Day 63 - The pros and cons of being in a book club

Community is nice. Sharing ideas is nice. Reading and sharing your thoughts on what you've read is a fine activity for the mind. But book clubs are the inorganic version of all this. A scheduling of meetings that should take place with a friend over beers and scotch with music in the background. A chat about a book is something that should take place naturally, if it simply pops up in connection to something else. This book club nonsense is a forced version of all this. It's just another tether to the ego. Not all, but many members of book clubs are afraid to lose the "I'm suuuuch a reader" part of their ego. Book clubs are not healthy. Imagine Netflix clubs. People meeting to talk about a show they've resolved to watch over the course of a month. Ridiculous. Books are no different. It's entertainment. It's good to step back into older media, no doubt, but we shouldn't romanticize any of them. They're all links in a chain that started the day a sapien did anything that wasn't necessary for survival. For a lonely beast, likely a drum beat or a cave painting. For a member of a tribe, likely a bit of laughter at seeing its brethren trip over a stick. Book clubs are about the members feeling special. Art is about knowing that we're not. 

Praise the gods of entertainment. Stay humble in their midst.   

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