Day 64 - Something to be said about aesthetics

One of the greatest strengths of Apple products are their aesthetics. Their goddam aesthetics. Navigating around an iPhone and through Apple apps is like skiing down a slope on a mountain made of chocolate. Everything is just right on the eyes. Smooth like butter. All of it housed in almost flawless build quality (iPhones are slippery fuckers, but jesus are they pretty). Things on Android are snappier, sharper. This is nice. But the Apple ecosystem is just too slick, too smooth and it's easy to see why people stick with or switch to this annoying walled garden. Pricey, but very very nice. Android and Google are just too fucked sometimes. Google phones are secure, great. Android phones are fast. Great. But here's a doozy for Apple: Five years of bang-on updates and everything is handled by the same company. Hardware, software, the whole shabang. That's why you get the silky smoothness. Apple is far from innocent. Sneaky fuckers with the throttling of older phones, for one. But goddamit it's just a more pleasing product for the most part. Well built with seamless integration. Problem though. Costs seven million dollars to own an iPhone and a Macbook, when chromebooks do the job for most people. The gods of entertainment give us too many choices sometimes. The god responsible for Apple is surely a classy lady who refused to compromise on quality. She came down to earth and made love with a hard-working man and that man gave birth to Steve Jobs. Now that's a guy who didn't fuck around. He respected the gods of entertainment and they rewarded him by making him a titan. We should respect the gods of entertainment by paying for quality products and strong art. Gifts to appease. 

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