Day 65 - Khabib versus Tony

Two apex predators facing off. There have been many cases of best versus best, but never have the two best been the result of such an evolution of MMA. George was the first to show what happens when a sport evolves after some years of success. There have been many standout killers, but George was the first to be perfectly well-rounded. People like him and Silva forced the entire sport to evolve. Then it evolves some more, heaps of money came in, and training evolves just the same. That and health science. And USADA all but eliminated the steroid issues. So the fighters, both men and women, evolved organically. More time passed. Conor started unleashing a new brand of firepower, too much for his own good. B Khabib and Tony kept ploughing through, kept destroying opponent after opponent. So now we have two battle-hardened assassins who never show fatigue and always move forward. Sweet Jesus it should be a great fight.

Praise the gods of entertainment 

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