Day 69 - Special day

69 isn’t just a filthy sex number or dogs sniffing each other’s asses. 69 is about the yin and yang of living on a planet where the environment and nature will be fine no matter what, but the human race is in a constant battle with itself over what we’re doing to a virtually indestructible orb. If we put all this environmental chat aside, can’t we just live cleaner for the sake of mental health? Litter and pollution is dirty chatter for the body, basically. Maybe the virus will send us back into the darkness where we all started? Once in caves with fire, now in dark rooms with phones. Why not? The gods of entertainment truly have us covered, but we need to rely on them during hard times. Tim J Dillon, perhaps the greatest rant artist alive, covers this I’m episode 189 of his podcast. Go listen to it in the dark. Be somebody.

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