Day 70 - Final Fantasy I on iOS

It is unimaginable how anyone could get through this game without looking up maps online. How in the heavenly fuck did some playing Nintendo back in the 80s go through this entire game without starving to death or getting some weird disease from sitting down forever? The game is superb, even legendary in terms of influencing future games, but it's massive, complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming. Did players have better memories in the 80s? Perhaps people applied a different mind to games, given that they had to pay very very close attention to navigation and all that other stuff missing from so many games today. Who knows. But in any case, it's a very good game on iOS. Very good indeed. Those old games were designed by people who knew the limitations of the system and worked with those limitations. Tools of the art. Today, games have gone a little nuts but sweet heavens they're good. Video gaming is one of these rare forms of entertainment and engagement that feels relevant. It's advanced technology, the height of design, all meant to stimulate today's entertainment junkie. And it doesn't matter what the field of video games "does to people". Doesn't matter. It's a field that has to be constantly pushed. Why? Because it's a form of intense creativity, the economic benefits are massive, and pretty soon we're all going to be pushed back into the darkness by a virus, into our caves where we found the gods of entertainment in the earliest times. 

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