Day 71 - Tiamat

Tiamat is a large dragon with three heads. She is very difficult to beat. Apparently you need some fucked up spell to start off with, then it's all luck, trial and error. She is a very pretty dragon and likely misunderstood, but that doesn't mean she gets to live. She has to die so that a bunch of dwarfs scattered all over the world get to live and do whatever it is they do. Garden, work in mines, make potions, who the fuck knows. One thing is for certain: The evil villains have the best real estate. Palaces, castles in the sky, and everything else. Maybe that's their goal. Pimp their cribs like savages. From now on, all RPG games should have COVID-19 as a spell and it should work immediately on all villains, especially ones that have been terrorizing all these dwarf gardeners for centuries. 

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