Day 73 - JRE Fight Companion

When Eddie Bravo is on a rant and other people try to join the conversation, the clusterfuck of overlap is like listening to three jazz albums at the same time. Good albums, but three of them. You have to wonder about Eddie's brain. He gets locked into an idea, with a vision very narrow and very far. Too far and too fast. He's a maniac. That type of brain, that habit of getting ahead of himself at all times. There must be some link between the obsessive brain and his Brazilian jiu jitsu skills. 

Conspiracy theories require the latching on to an idea, reinforced through bias in an echo chamber, always looking for the next step and trying to be ahead of the status quo. Brazilian jiu jitsu must be like the last part; always looking ahead and trying to out-maneuver the person you're grappling with.

It's also self isolation and quarantine time, so there are many emails being sent about services continuing, mental health while being trapped at home, how to work without being overcome by distractions and boredom. Introverts are finally in their glory, spared of small chat and dressing up in the morning. It's a glorious time for many. A world of misery for others.   

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