Day 74 - Working from home

The isolation and “social-distancing” is delightful for some, horrifying for others. For those whom it’s horrifying, perhaps it’s time to learn how to be happy alone. For those whom it’s a fresh new delight, this might indicate that it’s time to learn how to transition from tolerating people to not allowing yourself to be annoyed by them. Maybe. Or maybe it’s a truly wonderful thing, period. Maybe social isolation is what we need, at the physical level. We’re certainly socially isolated when our faces are in our phones. The poor fuckers who lost their jobs and have no money, now that’s a different saga. People with even somewhat secure jobs have a major advantage here. The demographics must be a fascinating little clusterfuck. May the gods of entertainment shift their blessings toward those who are fucked. And us as well. If we can, throw some help and understanding around. Have more respect for people in the service industry from now on. Stop calling people “boomers” and have some empathy for their health challenges.

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