Day 75 - Simple and Sinister

In this program you practice two important exercises: The kettlebell swing and the turkish getup. These exercises are important because they involve working the entire body in a health and sustainable way with the goal of making you stronger, not prettier. The drills and guidelines in this program are designed to help you master these two exercises. Following these drills and guidelines require patience and focus; two virtues commonly missing from the average gym. If you follow the S&S protocol to a "T", you will get stronger, you will avoid injury (barring any unfortunate circumstance), and you will develop perfect technique. It's the perfect amalgamation of discipline and strength. It's humbling but it builds confidence. It makes you the master of your own body. It's ego-proof. If you approach this with any ego, you will feel it in your movements. If you are impatient, again, you will feel it in your movements. Just think: It's a program that not only avoids injury, it prevents injury; it's a program that builds strength, confidence, and humility; it's a program that demands your complete focus and constant investigation of your own flaws; and finally, it's a program that creates a foundation of general strength that will allow you to be successful in other programs or routines. And success in this context means more than lifting heavier and having greater endurance: It greatly enhances your bullshit radar so that you detect nonsense programs, misleading or false advice, and people who "work out" for the wrong reasons. S&S is just as much for the mind as it is for the body. 

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