Day 77 - Supergirl

Woke but not too woke. That's where many shows have landed. Somehow they've failed to foresee the trajectory of failure. You appease to those with a grievance, assuming you've made a wise and moral contribution to their crusade for social justice. But they're not in it for the justice. They're in it for the grievance. And when you take that away from them, they invent a new one. And on and on it goes, making it impossible for you or anyone else to be woke enough. The standards become more unreasonable, many insane, so the SJW numbers diminished but the members become louder, more intense, and more likely to exhibit madness and commit violence. They want nothing but an injection for their ego and an excuse to impose control and pain on others. Ideology does nothing but rot from the inside out, and ideology is always waiting, an easy grab for intellectually-lazy, ego addicts with weak hearts and petty emotions. 

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