Day 78 - The many tests of isolation

The first test is about the technology. How's Microsoft, Google, and Apple doing in terms of serving the isolated masses? Netflix and the other streamers? Doing ok? Wifi providers need to be on their game. 

The second test is about service. Food and drink deliveries, coffees, the many bars and restaurants that are going to have to bounce back. There will be a cull favoring the businesses that can easily afford to survive this mess (the big chains). Many of those will be fine. But the rest will have to struggle. Some will survive on hard work and service. Others will die because they're fucking terrible and they always have been. Some will die because they are simply not successful enough and, despite their hard work and sincerity, they're going to be eaten alive. That's a genuine tragedy. Many people finally living some form of a dream job as a business-owner. They will have to start over. There will be casualties. That is deeply unfair when chains, Amazon, and the legion of cunts across the globe will bounce back like nothing happened. We need to start supporting local businesses. Everyone. 

The third test is home life. Some people love this. Some are going mental. Some couples will split. Some people will hate their pets. Unfortunately, being at home is not a cleansing experience for everyone. For those who are annoyed by noise, small-chat, and the daily death by a thousand cuts known as the office, this is an extended treat. 

The fourth test will be adjusting to the return. Some will do well. Others will undergo a new insanity. Everything will be different from now on, at least for a time. It's a good opportunity to create a foundation for new and better habits of eating, communication, exercise, creativity, all of it. Don't wilt. Attack.

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