Day 79 - So now there's Ulysses and iA Writer

These two programs are gorgeous little beasts that make writing a buttery smooth aesthetic experience. Not that writing is all about that. But, if you're doing something everyday, it's nice if it's real pretty. The problem rears is ugly head though: Ulysses is for iOS and Mac. iA writer is for both, but it's much much better on iOS. Again, you're trapped in the ecosystem. These two fuckers are a few examples of why so many people don't have a problem with Apple's walled garden. It's a nice fucking garden and though the monetary cost is high, the smoothness of the experience, the top-notch privacy and security (with all the regular updates) might just be worth it. Hard to say. Standard Notes still has an "it" factor, though, in terms of cross-platform computing. It's also an almost-perfect mediator between a Chromebook and an iPhone, if that's your combo. It's all good stuff, navigating through such fantastic choices, but one must sit and do the work. 

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