Day 83 - Healthy environments for the imagery

For some writers, there is simply no free will. They're a conduit for the thoughts that enter or pass through their mind. It's important for these individuals to maintain a healthy environment for imagery to sprout and evolve. It's like watching a movie. Each little scene just carries the narrative forward. If a guy in the opening screen scratches his leg, that could lead to something. He gets in his car, where the fuck is he going? Does it matter? How's the weather? Your subconscious can answer all these questions, but only if the environment is right. There might be a million ways to create this environment. Health and happiness are for certain. Those are the master goals. There's also a way to guarantee that the environment is poisoned: Identify with your thoughts. Connect every image to yourself, or your own little vision of yourself. Write the story because you want to see yourself as a writer. Write to be something or someone. That's all poison. Be the conduit for the story. You shouldn't exist when you're writing. This is all arguable, of course, since many egotistical writers have come and gone. But how much satisfaction did they really bring to the world? Or, how much of what they wrote was simply commandeered by other ego-addicts who just want to feel special for having read and talked about something? Sadly, cultivating this sort of ego-driven consumption is a major part of a lot of university courses. Fuck them. Garbage. Now think about Elmore Leonard. Or JK Rowling or George RR Martin. Graham Greene, Stephen King. Now there are some writers who simply didn't exist when they were writing their stories. Not that any of this is easy. But it should be an earnest goal: Separate "yourself" (whatever that means) from what you produce. Get lost in the environment, that healthy place you're cultivating with good mental and physical health. Make it a lifestyle. 

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