Day 84 - Role-playing during the Virus times

Many couples right now are exploring one another in ways they did not consider until now. People are dressing up in costumes for jobs they once dreamed of having. People who work in offices are now wearing "funky" prescription glasses and pretending to be writers. This leads to the mild intellectual sex that both partners only dreamed about. School teachers are dressing up as barbarians, primed for raid and slaughter. Some people are dressing up as their dead pets and they're not having a good time at all, but they have an outlet so that's ok. It's not all about sex. Some role-playing is for everyday sanity. Some people are reading books more than ever and they're talking about it constantly as if it's crossfit. These people need to reevaluate what they think impresses other people. Many people are relying on wine to get through this and that is a fine thing. Drinking wine is bathing your brain in slow joy. It should be done every day. The gods of entertainment are smiling down on us. It is good to smile back. 

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